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The number of hang-up telephone calls at your home has jumped. But when he answers the phone, someone's always on the other end. Or after he's made a call, you hit the redial button, but you don't know the person or company on the other end of line. You observe an unusually high amount of text messaging.

He keeps his phone close to him; at night. He receives texts from unfamiliar numbers or with codes like " He hides the phone bills. When we provide our clients with the court-admissable, tangible proof of an extramarital affair, it can make all the difference in divorce proceedings, leading to more favorable settlements. He use to always be ready for sex, despite mood, workload or stress level. Lately, you've expressed interest and he's hesitant. Instead of taking the time to talk, he now walks out in mid-sentence and refuses to finish the conversation.

Fights are more frequent and they never get resolved. He no longer freely gives information. He doesn't want to join you for lunch. He starts an argument when you ask about his plans, thereby avoiding the question and making you think twice before you quiz him again. Two of your girlfriends saw your boyfriend with a woman at a bar, but when you questioned him about it, he said he was working late. It's time to: 1 see if he has a twin or 2 take a serious look at what's going on.

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He gets on your case when you ask something simple, like how his day was. He's irritable and easily provoked.

Does he get angry by your surprise visits to his office even though it's not inconvenient or inappropriate for you to be there? Maybe he doesn't want you to meet any of the new female employees at the office. When a client hires us to perform a surveillance on their partner, they want to find out for sure - and have court admissable evidence of the affair.

Cheating Spouse – Check for Online Profiles

Here's how it all works. Read more about surveillance services. If some of this relates to your situation, don't panic. There's no need to jump to conclusions. You don't want to jeopardize a valuable relationship over what may be unfounded anxieties. Within reason, give him a chance. He might just have a good explanation.

Catch a Cheating Spouse App - Tinder Cheating App for Android & iPhone

But if you see your relationship changing and many or most of these actions prove true, trust your intuition. You need to have an open discussion with your partner. You need answers.

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Some couples can resolve issues alone or with the help of a counselor. Others recognize that it's over and they need proof of their partner's indiscretion. They want pictures, a video or a formal report. Maybe they need court evidence. If you're considering gathering proof, consult with a professional private investigator. Martin Investigative Services has handled more than 33, cases of infidelity and marital surveillance, the majority of which are women who believe their partner is being unfaithful.

They can't afford to be naive. You might be surprised to learn that we catch ninety-eight percent of the people we follow. The investigator should be clear about a What the exact investigative service and plan is, b how long it is going to take, and c how much it is going to cost. The costs should never exceed the agreed upon amount. There is almost nothing worse than telling someone that a family member has died. If there ever was something close, it would be telling someone that their spouse, whom we have followed on surveillance, ended up in a local motel with another person.

We have followed both males and females who end up in a compromising position with someone of the same sex. It is a double whammy for our clients. We have had hundreds of clients over the years receive bad news about their alleged soul mate. Many clients get sick to their stomachs right in the office when they hear the news. Others become paralyzed with grief. I had a hard time deciding what real-life drama to choose for this chapter.

Was it the daughter in who hired us on the recommendation of her mother who used our services in ? Was it the husband whose wife made love to his brother in a local park?

Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Phone

Was it the wife whose husband was recorded in the back seat of his car with his secretary? My choice went to Jane Phelan. Jane had less than pounds on her five-foot frame but was truly a heavyweight when it came to perseverance in catching her husband. She was very sure he was having an affair. We followed her husband nine different times and he was a candidate for sainthood.

Right straight home every time. Time number ten was different. On this day, her hubby stopped at a local gin mill near his office.

6 Signs Your Spouse Is Having An Affair

He was joined a few moments later by a female. Now what would be worse than dating the boss' wife? How about the boss' daughter? That's right, our family man was soon recorded snuggling up and kissing his boss' daughter. They later left the bar and proceeded to a hotel within walking distance.

Find Out Who’s Behind The Texts

They were recorded entering and exiting the room. When they checked out, one of the investigators observed the husband throw away the hotel receipt. We retrieved the receipt and provided it to the client the next morning. She placed a copy of our video and the receipt on top of his cereal bowl the following morning. Jane was hurt but she was so very strong. She used one of our attorney referrals and did quite well in the final settlement. She became the strong anchor needed for her three young children.